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Why Sell Online?

Most of the goods and services now are pivoting to “online”, from food products and clothes to means of transportation and money transfer services, and it is clear that this will be the future of trade in the coming years in Egypt and the world.
If you are an imported spare parts merchant and want to keep up with the online era and start your journey in selling online - download GoFabreka and start now.

Why GoFabreka?

All well-known ecommerce sites require merchants to categorize their products, provide a specific description, multiple pictures, and price for each one. And with all of these requirements, there is no way to communicate directly with the customer to inquire about anything.
This makes all e-commerce sites not suitable to sell imported spare parts, because most traders simply do not have complete information about all the parts they have since they import cars as halves, and it requires a great effort to classify and number each part in the imported halves. That is a specially designed ecommerce system had to be developed to suit this industry.

GoFabreka solved these problems with an easy and simple system. The merchant does not need to upload all the parts he has, all he has to do is wait for a customer to request a part in the brands that he works in, and if the part is available, he can add a price to the request. This price will be sent directly to the customer and at the same time the part will be displayed on the website and app for everyone. On top of that, a chatting system has been developed so that the customer and the merchant can talk directly and in detail about anything related to the part in order to reduce the return rate and after-sales problems, and it can also be a reference to an agreement between the merchant and the customer.

GoFabreka was launched more than a year and a half ago and dealt with more than 50 dealers in the market and was developed to suit the field of imported spare parts. The company is working hard to develop the application continuously through the suggestions of merchants and solving their problems to preserve this commodity that is subject to extinction in light of this constant development in the fields of ecommerce.